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Gemini review

Wild Nothing’s indie pop has enriched the summer mood collection

Since the musicians got an opportunity to record and release albums, and the audience began to buy them, later – to download, the meeting of offer and demand occurs according to both side’s genre preferences. Yet a great number of people tend to change their tastes, views and interest more than once as life goes on. Speaking about who listens to what music we conclude that much depends on the season and changing of moods. When one is supposed to enjoy vivid and life-affirming motifs if not in summer? Danceable albums, rainbow pop collections and energetic indie rock are always popular in the hot season. This year many artists have already released their new discs on the threshold of summer, but the month of June is not over yet, and the summer atmosphere collections go on being enriched. Indie pop from Wild Nothing is among the new comers. The musician, singer and songwriter Jack Tatum behind the pseudonym Wild Nothing has finally recorded his debut album Gemini, and these songs can easily become this summer’s hits.

Melancholy and sparkling guitars on Gemini

The album’s release follows the single Summer Holiday which has already become quite popular in the USA and Europe. This song gives quite a right idea of Gemini’s first part – these tracks are based upon the sound stylized like the old cassette recordings and the damped vocals. The record opens with the song Live In Dreams with a somewhat melancholic and escapist lyrics – it is better to fall asleep forever and live in one’s dreams than suffer in real life. The single Summer Holiday will make you feel fine as well the composition Drifter refined with melodious electric guitars and contagious drums. The shortest track on the album Pessimist is a wonderful psychedelic number on which one can hear Jack’s voice with a wide range, and O Lilac is remarkable for the most contagious drums on the album. The album’s second part starts from the composition Bored Games: electronic beat appears on the arrangement, and the vocals turn into falsetto. The instrumental number Confirmation is optimistic and also refined with unobtrusive space effects, while the rock song My Angel Lonely pleases with a melodious tune and beautiful guitar solo. A splendid guitar riff on The Witching Hour, fantastic synthesizer on Chinatown and danceable rhythm on Our Composition Book – all of it deserves praise, and the title track closes the record, it is the longest one here, almost five minutes and a half, and takes us back to the beginning of the album with its light melancholy and sparkling guitars.

Summer lightness and no failure tracks

Today a lot of indie bands turn to this approach of mixing the contemporary technologies with the old recordings but it is the summer lightness that Wild Nothing has made the accent on and the result is a great collection of 12 tracks. Since Gemini is only the first Jack Tatum’s album one can guess that he has not yet completely explored his capacities of a musician and songwriter, and the vocal skills also tend to improve with the time. This all means that this promising debut, on the one hand, brings success to its creator, on the other hand, it predicts some more interesting material from Wild Nothing. One can consider the album’s only drawback the fact that the songs within its first and second parts are similar to each other, with exception, but all of them are good, you will find absolutely no failure tracks here. On the whole Gemini is a stylish and light album irreplaceable when you are traveling, while having dinner at a summer restaurant or at a picnic and surely a lot of your romantic moments will be eventually associated with the songs of Wild Nothing.