Let It Go

Studio Album by released in 2008

Let It Go review

A really successful performer Will Young

It have been already three years since one of the brightest British pop scene representatives Will Young’s third album Keep On was released, and its hits still remain quite called for. This singer has become famous due to a popular show Pop Idol and today his vocals are recognized at once from the very first sounds by millions of fans whose number is constantly growing. In order to confirm their confidence that their idol really is a successful performer Young finally releases his fourth creation Let It Go. The new album producer has become Eg White who has already worked on Will’s hit Leave Right Now, besides he is a real top-sawyer who can boast an impressive star list of those who have recorded albums with him such as Kylie Minogue, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Adele and Natalie Imbruglia. An excellent pop record Let It Go is a creation of a more mature, serious and endlessly talented Will Young proving once again that the viewers’ votes have been given for the right contender in its time whose career has really turned brilliant.

Not too happy main themes on Let It Go

Although the main themes on Let It Go, i.e. breaking up, soul pain and lack of self-confidence, are not too happy a ray of hope can be traced in most of the texts and it is exactly what makes Will Young’s music so appealing. The first single Changes is certainly one of the album leaders with its vivid, memorable and optimistic chorus and a contagious R&B rhythm. A wonderfully beautiful pop tune Grace is refined with absolutely amazing backing vocals that remind of the works of both Robie Williams and U2, and no less nice ballad Won't Look Down surprises with even higher tones in Young's vocals. Remembering of the old funk school Will greets it with a melodious track I Won't Give Up and the most desperate number is surely If Love Equals Nothing, one of the saddest breakup anthems. Another success is the longest composition lasting six minutes and a half with a simple title Love reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s early works and calling the listeners to make a dance of love. The title song is a slow ballad filled with the reflections of his own life with a splendid climax closer to the end and the record closer is rather a ethereal, almost psychedelic piece Free My Mind proving that the easy-going Will Young has remained in the past giving place to his thoughtful double inclined to philosophy.

Professional growth and a personality development

Will Young is that very unique case when a pop singer has proved to be really talented, and his romantic songs do not make guys sneer saying nothing of the female part of the audience. His music has proved to be so soulful as well as of a good quality and although production has played an important role on all of his albums the artist himself has never made the main stake on it. It is especially true concerning his two latest works for Will has outshone himself on them. At the same time one can here even more than before of smart thoughts and interesting life observations which witness not only the artist’s professional growth but also of his development as a personality. All of this will not escape your attention as soon as you here the first words of the marvelous single Changes, and next each of the tracks will only prove that. With the release of a faultless pop collection that is Let It Go Will Young seems to say that a real artist can become of a TV show winner and another masterpiece is added to his discography.