Songs About Girls

Studio Album by released in 2007

Songs About Girls review

The frontman of Black Eyed Peas

William James Adams Jr., better known as Will.I.Am, is an American hip hop musician, founding member and frontman of The Black Eyed Peas. In his youth, before joining the band, he decided to be a clothes desiner and attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, but sometimes the fate is rather unprediclable. The Black Eyed Peas became a big band after signing Fergie as the female backing vocalist they were looking for a long time. Being extremely famous, the artist did not forget his basic profession and in 2001 started his clothes line. He also designed The Black Eyed Peas' scene clothing. Moreover, Will.I.Am recommended himself as a talented producer and contributed much into the popularity of such artists, as Fergie, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, The Pyssicat Dolls and others. Besides his work in the band Will.I.Am recorded two solo works, but only Songs About Girls, released this year, he called the truely debut solo disc.

Songs About Girls - songs about girls

Will.I.Am himself describes this album as semi-biographical and conceptional: the message of Songs About Girls is to compillate artist's experience in personal relations during last 7 years. Every song is a story about women. The first single from the disc, I Got It From My Mama, features Fergie. It is an extremely energetic and catchy club track about funny genetic peculiarities, strongly reminding of The Black Eyed Peas'My Humps. Donque Song is an amazing upbeat composition, featuring rap star Snoop Dogg. Get Your Money, powerfully decorated by M.A.N.D.Y. sample, is the danceable anthem of American strip-bars, and tells about a stripper with a heart of gold. Impatient is one more album decorator with jazzy flavour in Jamiroquai's style and sexual lyrics. S.O.S. (Mother Nature), the album closer, is a wonderful song, sparkling with Will.I.Am's original sense of humor, about environmental problems, like global warming, and their influence on women.

Untypical eclectic work

This album contains 15 brilliant tracks about women and shows Will.I.Am's love not only for the beautiful sex, but also for musical styles fusion: they wonderfully combine in different proportions jazz, Brazilian beats, hip-hop, house, electronics to name a few. Songs About Girls is unusual R&B album in respect of guest celebrities: Snoop Dogg is the only collaborator, and Will.I.Am perfectly recorded this work without a croud of other R&B industry stars. Besides, Will.I.Am's rap does not motivate heroic deeds or make one mix up different phylosophic terms, it simply transmits the artist's emotions and experience from private life - witty and light lyrics definetely do a favour to the album. Though the disc sometimes reminds of The Black Eyed Peas creativity, its material is definetely different in many respects, it is targeted at a larger audience and is sure to bring Will.I.Am new fans. No wonder, as Songs About Girls contains so much innovation, enthusiasm and excitement.